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Due to the increasingly demanding challenges that entrepreneurs and companies face, it becomes urgent to appeal to highly specialized consulting outsourcing services.

We stand for that all entrepreneurs and companies, regardless of their dimension, must have the possibility to access to knowledge and the best entrepreneurship, management, accountancy, taxation, HR and financial incentives practices.

Incentive systems applications

Personalized consulting services and preparation of applications for PORTUGAL 2020, SIFIDE, RFAI, and others, We work 100% based on SUCCESS!

Accountancy, Taxation and Payroll

Active accountancy services, adjusted to the needs of our customers, their dimension and activitie's nature. We want to reinvent the traditional accontancy concept.

Entrepreneurship support

business model design consulting. Business Plans creation, Economic-Financial Feasibility Studies elaboration. Consulting in the process of opening a company.

We provide independent consulting services based in own methods and with deep sector knowledge experts

We shall provide a consulting services portfolio that is suited to our clients' reality and their projects and organizations specific needs.


Portugal 2020

We fit your project in the available programs, in order to know if it is eligible for incentives.

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If your company made R&D investments, you can deduct between 32.5% to 82.5% of that amount directly to the IRC collection.

Contabilidade REWARD Consulting

Accountancy, Taxation and Payroll

We provide accounting services adjusted to the needs of your company, we also encourage tax planning and close monitoring of your business.

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We are a Consulting and Accounting company exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurs and private companies.

Our mission is to work side by side with our Clients, providing services suited to their needs, dimension and nature, that add value to their ideas, projects and companies.

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