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    Qualified and creative Entrepreneurship

    The reprogramming of Portugal2020 gave rise to a new form of financing in the Entrepreneurship Incentive System, which now includes a hybrid support system, which consists of a combination of two operations, one with a non-refundable incentive, associated with the measurement of the achievement of results according to the achieved objectives, and another one with a financial guarantee instrument (under the same conditions as the previous repayable incentive – principal repayment and interest exemption).


    Companies with eligible projects in the Entrepreneurship Incentive System will benefit from the outset with a non-refundable subsidy component (previously only given in the form of repayment exemption after verification of compliance with the results), the previous repayable subsidy is replaced by a bank loan without fees.

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    The Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship Incentive System is aimed at PME with less than 2 years.


    In the case of Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship projects, activities with high added value are supported, with inducing effects of changing the productive profile of the economy, that is, the creation of companies with qualified human resources, companies that develop activities in sectors with strong growth dynamics and/or sectors with greater intensity of technology and knowledge or companies that value the application of R&D results in the production of new goods and services.


    • Preliminary meeting | Framing
    • Interim meetings | Survey of technical, administrative, accounting, fiscal, financial information on the company and investments
    • Preparation of the application | Technical description of the project
    • Preparation of the application | Economic-Financial Feasibility Study
    • Completion and submission of the application form
    • Post-delivery follow-up of the application
    • Preparation, management and monitoring of payment requests
    • Management and monitoring of the closing of the investment
    • Accompanying interim and final audits
    • Management and monitoring of the closing of the investment

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    Operations typologies

    Individual Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship projects, which result in the creation of a new establishment (no. 49 of article 2 of Regulation (EU) No. 651/2014, of 16 June), are eligible for support. in the following types:


    • The creation of companies that develop activities in sectors with strong growth dynamics, including those integrated in creative and cultural industries, and/or sectors with greater intensity of technology and knowledge;
    • The creation of companies that value the application of R&D results in the production of new goods and services.

    Project eligibility criteria

    • Application date prior to the start of work;
    • To be based on a strategic analysis of the company;
    • Demonstrate economic and financial viability, with the beneficiary having to ensure at least 25% of the eligible costs with its own resources;
    • Have a maximum execution lenght of 24 months;
    • Start the execution within a maximum period of 6 months after the decision is communicated;
    • When inserted in a new economic activity, demonstrate at the conclusion of the same, the existence of turnover associated with that activity;
    • Minimum eligible expenditure per project: 50.000€, up to a maximum of 1.5M€;
    • Maintain productive investment, and geographic location for at least 3 years after completion of investment.

    Beneficiary eligibility criteria

    • Be a PME
    • Have both tax and contributory situations regularized;
    • Possessing, or being able to ensure until approval, the technical, physical and financial means and the HR necessary for the project;
    • Have completed previously approved projects;
    • Have organized accounting;
    • Don't be a struggling company;
    • Declare that it is not a company subject to a recovery injunction, which is still pending;
    • Declare that has no salary arrears;
    • Not having closed the same activity, or a similar activity, in the European Economic Area in the 2 years prior to the application date or that, at the application date, has concrete plans to close this activity within a maximum period of 2 years after the completion of the project to support.

    Eligible expenses

    • Tangible assets:
      • Machines and equipment;
      • Informatic equipments;
    • Intangible assets:
      • Technology transfer through acquisition of patent rights;
      • Licenses, “know-how” or technical knowledge not protected by patent;
      • Standard or specifically developed software.
    • Construction of Buildings, Remodeling Works and other constructions:
      • 20% of the project's total eligible expenses, for projects in the Tourism sector
      • 50% of the project's total eligible expenses, in the case of projects in the Tourism sector that contribute to alleviating seasonality (namely Accessible/Senior Tourism, Motorhomes) or that contribute to the development of products identified in the Algarve's Strategic Marketing Plan as complementary (Gastronomy and wines, Touring, Health tourism) or in development (Business tourism, Nature tourism, Nautical tourism)
    • Other expenses (up to 20% of total eligible expenses):
      • Chartered accountant/statutory auditor for validation of project expenses up to 5.000€.
      • Engineering services for project implementation;
      • Studies, projects, diagnoses, audits and marketing plans.



    • The acquired goods and services must be exclusively used in the establishment of the beneficiary and purchased under market conditions;
    • Tangible and intangible assets must be amortizable and included in the beneficiary's assets and remain associated with the project for at least 3 years.


    The incentives to be granted under this support are calculated by applying a base rate of 35% to expenses considered eligible, which may be increased by surcharges, and the overall rate may be 75%.


    Support is granted under the following conditions:

    • 50% incentive granted by non-refundable incentive;
    • 50% of the incentive granted through an interest-free bank loan (8 years – 2 years grace period + 6 years of semi-annual repayment);