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    HR Administrative Management

    Gestão Administrativa de RH REWARD Consulting

    As pessoas são o principal ativo das organizações. É devido a esse facto que a sua gestão deve ser feita de forma profissional e mais humana possível. O nosso departamento de gestão de Recursos Humanos conta com técnicos altamente especializados na gestão administrativa, contabilística, financeira e fiscal dos colaboradores dos nossos clientes.

    We aim to provide services in the context of current and strategic management of human resources, individually tailored to the needs of each company, its size and nature of their activity, namely:

    Administrative Human Resource Management

    • Calculation and payroll
    • Issue and send the pay slips in electronic format for business and workers
    • Preparation of files for bank transfers - salaries, allowances via cards / meal vouchers or other
    • Contribution and Tax Payment Process Management
    • Communications and links to social security, ACT, AT and unions
    • Compensation Fund Management - admissions, updating and redemption of deliveries
    • Statements and insurance management of occupational accidents
    • Formalization and labor untying
    • Working time management - working hours, exemptions and hour bank management
    • Financial simulation of admissions and dismissals
    • Preparation of the Single Report
    • Annual Income Statement for employees
    • Requests for clarification to Social Security
    • Mediation and Process monitoring in Social Security


    Internal Audit


    • Labor legislation
    • Contract management
    • Taxation
    • Implementation of best practices in HR Management

    All routine and complementary tasks inherent to the Administrative Management of Human Resources are complex, bureaucratic and sensitive in the day-to-day of an organization, immediately impacting the relationship with employees and with the entities that oversee the work area.


    When hiring our services, you will always have a specialist team available to comply with legal obligations, clarify doubts, or respond to the most varied situations that arise with your team. We guarantee the provision of a high quality service and added value 12 months a year.

    Gestão Recursos Humanos REWARD Consulting

    It should also be noted that the absolute confidentiality of information regarding Human Resources is an extremely relevant factor in any organization. In this sense, outsourcing in this area allows managers to keep information in an exempt entity that provides a highly specialized and customized service to their reality, thus avoiding internal discomfort regarding this topic.


    We provide our services internally, in our offices, or externally, at the clients' premises.