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    R&D | Co-promotion Projects

    The “Research and Technological Development” Incentive System provides support to projects of companies in co-promotion with other companies or other entities of the R&I System, aimed at strengthening their competitiveness and international insertion through the carrying out of industrial research and experimental development activities.

    Investigação e desenvolvimento I&D REWARD Consulting

    The projects in co-promotion are carried out in partnership between companies or between them and non-business entities of the R&I System, and led by companies, comprising industrial research and experimental development activities, leading to the creation of new products, processes or systems or the introduction of significant improvements to existing products, processes or systems.


    The beneficiaries of this measure are companies of any nature and under any legal form.


    • Preliminary meeting | Framing
    • Interim meetings | Survey of technical, administrative, accounting, fiscal, financial information on the company and investments
    • Preparation of the application | Technical description of the project
    • Preparation of the application | Economic-Financial Feasibility Study
    • Completion and submission of the application form
    • Post-delivery follow-up of the application
    • Preparation, management and monitoring of payment requests
    • Management and monitoring of the closing of the investment
    • Accompanying interim and final audits
    • Management and monitoring of the closing of the investment

    Garantia REWARD Consulting


    Project eligibility criteria

    • Application date prior to the start of work;
    • Insert up in the priority areas of research and innovation strategy for smart specialization;
    • Demonstrate that the funding sources are assured;
    • Demonstrate the feasibility and economic and financial sustainability of the company;
    • Present a technical characterization and a detailed budget, with a cost structure adequate to the objectives pursued;
    • Fall within the priority areas of RIS 3;
    • Have a maximum execution lenght of 24 months;
    • Start the execution within a maximum period of 6 months after the decision is communicated;
    • Identify the uncertainties of technical and scientific underpinning R&D type of the project;
    • Incorporate significant technical or technological developments;
    • Envolve qualified RH;
    • Be supported by an analysis of the research and innovation strategy that identifies, in the present and for the next three years, the priority research areas;
    • Identify as project leader the company that ensures the incorporation in its activity of the most significant portion of the investment or the one designated by all;
    • Present a consortium contract entered into under the legal terms explaining the scope of cooperation between the entities involved, the identification of the project leader, the joint responsibility between the parties, and shall also provide for the terms and conditions of an initiative in co-promotion, in particularly with regard to contributions to their costs, sharing risks and results, the dissemination of results, access to and allocation of industrial property rights;
    • Demonstrate, for each consortium member, their relevant and substantial contribution to the development of R&D activities as well as their effective interest in appropriating or valuing the results generated by their respective participation;
    • Be “complete consortia”, namely those that include the participation of business entities in the critical phases of the value chain of the products or processes targeted by the project and that constitute a necessary condition for the effective valorization of the results of the R&D projects.
    • Match a minimum investment of 150.000€;
    • Fall within the priority areas of research and innovation strategy for smart specialization (RIS3);
    • In order to prove the PME status, companies must obtain or update the corresponding Electronic Certification;
    • The lead company must secure at least 30% of the eligible investment.
    • When inserted in a new economic activity, demonstrate at the conclusion of the same, the existence of turnover associated with that activity.

    Beneficiary eligibility criteria

    • Have both tax and contributory situations regularized;
    • Can legally develop the activities in the territory covered by the OP or PDR and the types of operations and investments they are applying;
    • Possessing, or being able to ensure until approval, the technical, physical and financial means and the HR necessary for the project;
    • Have the situation regularized in terms of replacements, within the scope of the FEEI Funds;
    • Present a balanced economic and financial situation or demonstrate that have the capacity to finance the operation;
    • Not hold or have held capital in a percentage greater than 50%, by themselves or by their spouse, not separated from persons and assets, or by their ascendants and descendants up to the 1st degree, as well as by anyone who with them lives in similar conditions those of spouses, in a company that has not complied with notification for the return of support under an operation supported by European funds;
    • Involve at least one company that intends to integrate the project results into its economic activity and/or production structure.
    • Have an updated PME Certificate
    • Have organized accounting;
    • Don't be a struggling company;
    • Declare that it is not a company subject to a recovery injunction, which is still pending;
    • Declare that has no salary arrears;
    • Present a balanced economic and financial situation (AF PME ≥ 0.15 and AF Non-SME ≥ 0.20);
    • Designate a technical person responsible for the project.

    Eligible expenses

    • Direct costs;
      • Expenses with technical staff dedicated to R&D activities (including scholarship holders);
      • Acquisition of patents from external sources or by those licensed by them, at market prices, and which result in their effective endogenization by the beneficiary;
      • Raw materials, consumable materials and components necessary for the construction of pilot or experimental and/or demonstration facilities and for the construction of prototypes;
      • Third parties services' acquisition, including technical, scientific and consulting assistance;;
      • Acquisition of scientific and technical instruments and equipment;
      • Acquisition of specific software;
      • Expenses with promotion and dissemination of results to the end-user sector or target companies, including registration and rental of spaces abroad;
      • Travel and stays abroad directly attributable to the project, and up to a limit of 700€ in the EU and 1.600€ outside the EU per trip, 250€/night for accommodation;
      • Expenses with the SGIDI certification process according to NP 4457:2007;
      • Expenses with the intervention of a technical-scientific auditor;
      • Chartered accountant/statutory auditor for validation of project expenses up to 5.000€.
    • Indirect costs.


    Financing rates:

    • NUTS II North, Center and Alentejo – 25% base rate, applied to eligible expenses, to which increases up to a maximum of 75% may be added;
    • NUTS II Lisbon – maximum incentive rate is 50%;
    • NUTS II Algarve – maximum incentive rate is 62%;
    • Projects with incentive ≤ 1M€ – non-refundable incentive;
    • Projects with an incentive > 1M€ – non-refundable incentive up to the amount of 1M€, assuming the excess in the form of 75% non-refundable and 25% refundable incentive, if the latter installment is equal to or greater than 50.000€.